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Wolverhampton Judo Club – New heating & lighting

Judo Club new lighting and heating - Wolverhampton

Client: Wolverhampton Judo Club
Brief: To remove old sodium and fluorescent lighting, and old quartz heaters and install new LED lighting and infra-red remotely controlled heating.
Project Value: £10k approx

AGW Electrical (Services) Ltd were called to the club by Tansun, a world renown manufacturer of Heaters and Sunbeds, they had been requested to provide an option for new electrical heating throughout a Judo club in Wolverhampton.

Tansun had quoted for new style efficient infra-red heating, including giving the option to control heaters around the training mat area using a handy remote control to give the option of having only sections of heating on at one time or all on together. AGW Electrical were proud to be asked to take on managing the project to strip out the old redundant heating and install the new system. Whilst onsite we were also asked to provide options for new energy saving lighting, we have now removed all old sodium and fluorescent lighting from the premises, also removing old light switches from the changing rooms, and have installed LED lighting throughout the club. The training mat area lights are still controlled by switches to give control over whether to have the new low bay centre lights on, or side mounted LED strip lighting. Changing rooms and toilets are now controlled by lighting with integral microwave switching, coming on as soon as you enter the rooms.

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