Autumn is here – Time to check those lights!

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17th September 2018
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3rd January 2019

Yes Autumn is here, which means the nights are going to get longer and darker, time to check those time clocks to make sure they’re correct, and get those lights that don’t work anymore finally checked and fixed.

It could be just a few replacement lamps you need, and you could possibly be thinking of doing it yourself, great! but if you don’t have time, or maybe your lights are 20 feet up in the air, then get somebody like us in to do it for you.

With the prices as competitive as they are now on LED replacements, now might be an ideal time to think about slowly changing over to LED versions, some people like to do it in phases, as old lights burn out, change those to LED, or maybe you would just like a whole area changing to LED.

However you would like to look at it, we are happy to help, even if you would just like to do a few lights at a time to keep the cost down, nobody would blame you, and at AGW we certainly wouldn’t try and pressure you into having more work done that you need to.

We can even come and do a free site survey with you to determine what you need or how you would like to proceed, no obligation, we will always issue you with an official AGW quotation, and you just come back to us when you are ready.

We can help with External high level lighting, internal high level lighting, office lighting, time clocks, photocell sensors, occupancy sensors, emergency lighting, whatever you need fixing, we can help.

Just email to book an appointment suitable for you.




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