Asbestos – The Silent killer!

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19th February 2018
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1st October 2018

As all trades people should be aware if you do anything in the building industry, Asbestos is the silent killer that anyone whether in the trade or not, could come into contact with.

Asbestos is responsible for 20 tradesmen’s deaths each week and can be present in any building built or refurbished before the year 2000, which is a lot of buildings.

We shouldn’t have to come into contact with something like asbestos, but we can, and do.  At AGW we take training very seriously and as such, every year ALL staff complete an online refresher course followed by a test, we can’t recommend this training enough for anyone that gets involved with any aspect of the building industry.

If it helps anybody out, this is the link to the company we use yearly

It is simple to follow, inexpensive, and could save lives.

Just some of the places Asbestos could be found are – Ceiling tiles, Floor tiles, Fire blankets, Pipe insulation, roof panels, textured wall coatings and even kinds of rope.

In it’s day, Asbestos was thought of as a wonder material, with excellent strength, insulation and fire resistant properties.

If you do come across anything even if you only suspect it has a small chance of being asbestos, stop work immediately and seek help from your immediate manager.



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