AGW Electrical & A Corona virus update.

2020 is AGW Electrical’s 20th year in existence.
22nd January 2020
AGW Electrical (Services) Ltd are back at work!
20th May 2020

A new dawn 24.03.20

Today is day 1 after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s historic virtual lock down announcement last night.

There can be no doubt that there will be confusion, and worry, and all workers will be affected in many different ways.  Individual circumstances will affect everyone’s decisions and actions in varying ways from today onward.

The construction industry appears to be one such area where clarification is under review and further information needed, many matters need to be tidied up before we can just lock down sites and workers on them.

AGW will constantly monitor the developments and debates in the media and follow Government recommended guidelines as closely to the letter as possible.

Our workers safety and well being is at the foremost of these matters, today tough decisions will be made in the company to comply with last nights announcement and keep our workers and the company safe and ready to go as soon as things return to a state of normality.

The office today and for the near future will mostly be unmanned,  however we are all available to our suppliers and customers as usual, if you would like to get in touch with members of the AGW office, please continue to do so as usual, use mobile numbers that you have for us, We welcome the chance to communicate in traditional or more modern methods, if you have us in your mobile phone contacts, then chances are you will be capable of making video calls to us via Whatsapp, or please email, text and call as you normally would and feel comfortable with.

If you need a mobile contact number for someone in the office, please send an email to “” this will be actioned without delay.

These are special circumstances that require patience and a willing to do what is right for the future and to come out of this on the other side stronger, there will be worry, and tough choices ahead, yet if we all remain sensible and think about the future, and getting there in one piece, we will be fine.

See you on the other side, and speak to you on the way there, Cheers.

All at AGW Electrical (Services) Ltd

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