2020 is AGW Electrical’s 20th year in existence.

Christmas and New year 2019!
12th December 2019
AGW Electrical & A Corona virus update.
24th March 2020

We are all very happy to share that as of January 2020, AGW Electrical (Services) have been in existence for 20 years! 

It has been a long road, and had its up’s and it’s down’s, but mostly we have kept the core of our staff and added others on top.

Over the years our customer base and area’s of expertise have seen many changes, we have gone from being a routine small industrial maintenance company up to working all over the UK on many different types of sites and with some very impressive clients.

With our long serving staff AGW have embraced the challenges and our number one priority is and always will be to sort out any problems that may arise on sites and taking problems away from our clients, we think that our clients will agree that AGW always get the job done no matter what may arise.

We thank our cherished customer base for their patience and commitment to us, and may we strive to keep improving.

Here are 10 other things that turned Twenty in TwentyTwenty:-

  1. The Millennium Bug 
  2. The Playstation 2
  3. “Oops! I did it again” by Britney
  4. The movie’s Gladiator and Castaway
  5. The first “live in” crew arrived on the ISS
  6. The original Sims game
  7. Sat Nav’s started to be produced for consumers
  8. The Nokia 3310
  9. Scary Movie 
  10. The Big brother TV show

Here’s to the next phase, Cheers.

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